Daytona Body

Here you have a fantastic car that become a Sculpture, maybe the best sculpture in the world, this is a complete body and chassis of a Ferrari Daytona Spyder (we don't know if was spyder from factory or if was modified later), this is a barn find of these days.
We found this fantastic car in this condition, the rust is only in the external layer of steel, is stiff and solid.
Full Chassis is present, no numbers.
Is missing the front hood and the right door.
Believed to be an original Chassis and body forgotten for more than 30 years and now come to the light!!!
This piece will looks amazing in your living room or in your garage over your Ferrari Daytona, 365GTB, F40, F50, 288 GTO, 328 GTB, Enzo!!!
Artistic Interpretation NOT sold under a commercial license.